I Stand With My Pack is a non-profit organization providing global assistance to save the lives of animals and prevent suffering and cruelty. ISWMP has created a platform to increase awareness through education, hands-on field work, fundraising, non-violent protest, and legal action.

Additionally, we extend support and use collaborative efforts with like minded individuals, organizations and governments to create the momentum needed for transformation. Our ultimate mission is to create global, long-term solutions for a more humane world.

Meet Our Members

  • Aleksandra Schiffer

    Aleksandra Schiffer

    President and Founder

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  • Taylor Hart

    Taylor Hart

    Vice President and Director of Events

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  • Kelli Kehoe Barber

    Kelli Kehoe Barber

    Director of Operations and Marketing

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  • Taryn Larock

    Taryn Larock

    Chief Communications Officer

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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”

— Mahatma Gandhi