Each year hundreds of bears lose their lives during the hunting seasons even when according to scientific research bear hunting will not help reduce bear-human conflicts but might be even creating it.

One of the ways hunters kill bears is called bear baiting. It’s a practice where a hunter puts out food for the bears waits until one or more of them come to the food and then shoots them.

Killing bears, or other animals, for trophies is unethical but there is something very cruel about baiting bears. In addition to being cruel we found out that baiting is bad for environment because of huge volume of human trash left in the woods. That garbage sometimes also contaminates water sources and damage plants.

Bear baiting is bad for the bear population and it’s also very dangerous for humans as it gets bears accustom to smell of garbage. Sad thing about it not only are bears trapped into death but they also get killed because they go after human garbage that hunters introduced to them in the first place. The vicious circle never ends.

Very often as a result of bear baiting is death of cubs and young females that is tremendously hurting bear population.

As of August of 2013, bear baiting is banned in 38 states but according to The Humane Society of the US, twelve states still allow hunters to bait the bears: Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

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