Stand with your pack

You have a power to make a difference for our Planet and it’s creatures by speaking out for animals. Follow our ISWMP news and projects and see how can you get involved. Follow us on Social Media and spread the word. We cannot express how important it is to share your knowledge, big or small, bringing awareness to even one person is enough to start a chain of positive change. Be the voice for the voiceless!


You play a critical role in our efforts to expose animal cruelty and save animal lives. Choosing to become our donor you will enable our work rescuing animals in distress and accomplishing our long term goal of changing things on legislative level. We rely entirely on donations from supporters to carry out our work. Thank you for your generosity and support.

Take Action

Join ISWMP to help make a difference for animals. Come to our organized protests, sign our petitions, volunteer, adopt an animal or symbolically adopt an exotic animal, be mindful of the products that you use, try vegan diet, support compassion in fashion, recycle and most importantly react it you see or hear about animal that needs help. We more then welcome your voice, your hands and any interest that will allow us to come together and put all of our beliefs and visions together.

Start your own fundraising

There are many ways you could fundrise for us. It can be a special occasion such as birthday or athletic event such as race or tournament. Please contact us if you wish to fundrise for ISWMP or help us with one of our fundraising events. We will provide guidance and material. Thank you for generosity and care