Mama Daisy, now Verona, was adopted by her amazing foster parents, @pcounts who took on the job of fostering knowing that she may have been pregnant and were willing to help her through her pregnancy.

When we saw this beautiful Cane Corso shaking in her kennel at theEast Valley Shelter we knew we needed to get her out immediately.   Even though she was only 11 months old she was already serving as a breeding machine to who ever owned her before.   We suspected that she might be pregnant but we didn’t detect any life inside of her through x-Rays or Ultrasound.  Our vet was not certain so we monitored and tested her again in a few weeks later.   After two vet visits we were positive that she was pregnant.  It breaks our hearts that this baby was already bred and then abandoned in a crowded shelter.  Please spay and neuter your dogs!

The great news is that Verona is adored and will have a great life. We knew that was going to happen as they are perfect for each other. We couldn’t be happier for her!

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