“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawaken”

— Anatole France

Polar Bear

Canada is home to roughly 60% of the world’s polar bears. Polar bears also live in the U.S, Greenland, Russia, and Norway.


While most people believe dairy cows live wonderful lives within traditional farming systems, producing enough milk…


Elephants are the largest land animal on the planet. Their emotion can be compared to humans as they feel…


Within the entire food industry, one of the hardest and most important challenges is to rectify the ongoing mistreatment…


The word Rhinoceros comes from the greek “rhino” nose, and “ceros” horn. There are five species and eleven…


Dolphins are a marine mammal that are found across the world. However, they tend to stay in warmer climates


The domesticated dog or Canis lupus familiaris’ genetics has been extensively studied to show that they…


Whales are endangered for many reasons. One being getting entangled in abandoned fishing gear or “ghost nets”.


Venerated and celebrated for thousands of years all around the globe. From the upper Paleolithic to…


Wolves at one point in history roamed across nearly all of the United States.


At one time horses ran free in large herds all across North America. The modern horse evolved over the course of…


A primate is any mammal that includes humans, apes, monkeys, and prosimians. There are more than 600 species…

On this planet everything is interconnected. Unfortunately a lot of us are not educated on the negative impacts humans and the planet will have, when species start going extinct at a faster rate that they already are. All animals play a role when it comes to the planet’s survival as a whole. Balance is key.

This relates with not only animal extinction but also the negative impacts we are creating with Ocean survival, deforestation and pollution. All stem from greed. We need to educate ourselves and not turn a blind eye to such important, world changing issues.

Take a moment to read and learn on how you can make a difference. It can all become very overwhelming but please remember one voice can reach many ears and that in itself is becoming a voice for the voiceless.