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I Stand With My Pack is a non-profit organization providing global assistance to save the lives of animals and prevent suffering and cruelty. ISWMP’s domestic efforts focus on the successful removal of dogs from LA city and county as well as other parts of California high risk kill shelters, assisting them through the rehabilitative process and successfully placing them in their forever homes.

ISWMP has also created an international platform increasing awareness through education, hands-on field work, disaster relief, fundraising, non-violent protest, and legal action.

Additionally, ISWMP extends support and collaborates with like minded individuals, organizations and governments to build the momentum required for sustained changes in animal welfare.

These domestic and international efforts support our ultimate mission to create global, long-term solutions for a more humane world.

I Stand With My Pack Team

President and Founder

Aleksandra Schiffer

Aleksandra’s life purpose is building a world where animals and humans live peacefully and respectfully.

Her life began in former Yugoslavia during a decade long civil war. As a refugee, she relocated through the Balkans where she regretfully witnessed many atrocities against humans and animals.  Fortunately, her loving mother kept her safe and fed while living in various war zones.

She had the opportunity to grow up living in several countries. Having been exposed to many diverse cultures and languages from a young age, she has learned about animal welfare issues from a global perspective.

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Managing Director and International Outreach

Jasminka Herceg

When she rescued a pit bull from a dog fighting ranch 14 years ago, Jasminka instantly knew her life was about to change. As a way of thanking her, this puppy named Lina, her new best furry friend, helped her grow emotionally into a strong and kind person full of love and understanding. Since then she has completed several educational programs related to dog training, dog behaviour and therapy.

Although she has worked as an aesthetician and educational expert in the beauty and wellness industry for 20 years, it was very clear that someday she will become an animal rights activist and the voice of all voiceless creatures, especially those on the verge of extinction.

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Jasminka Herceg - International Outreach

Communication Outreach

Olivia Shine Rodden

Olivia is a California native who has spent her entire life with rescue animals. Being raised in a home that prioritized helping animals, Olivia knew that this was something she wanted to continue in her future. Olivia’s family is a part of ISWMP as they have adopted four pups: Lucas, Khui, Oakley, and Wilma. She is a current college student pursuing her degree in Communication Studies. Olivia has a passion for community outreach and getting animals safe and loving homes/ environments.

From a young age, she found herself in many different environments that fostered community growth. In elementary and middle school she spent free time volunteering in retirement homes and walking dogs. In high school, Olivia was able to dedicate hours to school for after-hour tutoring and in her early years of college, she spent time researching grants and applying to those for I Stand With My Pack. Currently, in her junior year, Olivia has started this position using her current schooling to be able to participate in making our pack bigger. Along with her side-kick Billy, her rescue kitty, Olivia is excited to be a part of the team and make positive change.

Adoption Coordinator

Elizabeth Abrams

A Los Angeles native, Elizabeth grew up volunteering with various rescues, and always had a dream of having an animal rescue/sanctuary one day. Her unwavering passion for animals led her to start volunteering on a weekly basis with I Stand With My Pack during the pandemic, and her deep engagement eventually turned into a position as a Foster and Adoption Coordinator.

Known as the artist and songwriter “LIZ” aka “Liz Y2K”, Elizabeth has worked with a variety of household names including Pharrell Williams, Zedd, and Diplo. An ‘underground pop princess’ previously named The First Lady of Mad Decent, Diplo’s sprawling EDM empire – Elizabeth’s penchant for sonic innovation, visual experimentation and the creation of her unique brand of nostalgia indebted bubblegum pop led to a wide range of support from the likes of The Guardian (One To Watch), Noisey, The FADER, Pitchfork, i-D, Stereogum, SPIN, Billboard, PAPER, Line of Best Fit, Clash, MTV and many more.

Elizabeth plans to continue her work in animal welfare for the rest of her life, and in the near future, she hopes her commitment can make an impact not only in her local community, but on a global level.

Elizabeth Abrams - I Stand With My Pack
Jessica Kowalski - I Stand With My Pack

Foster & Adoption Coordinator

Jessica Kowalski

Jessica strives to live her life in a way that gives something back to the world; having empathy and being kind to others is exceedingly important to her.

For the first 15 years of her adult life, Jessica taught English and Theatre at inner-city high schools in Canada. She also worked as a teaching artist for a non-profit theatre company serving at-risk and incarcerated youth. When Jessica moved to Los Angeles from Vancouver, and agreed to give up her teaching career in order to relocate, she made sure her family knew that her goal was to start helping Pitbull type dogs. Since then, she has volunteered and fostered for various shelters and rescues, and opened her home to three adorable rescue Pitbulls named Murphy, Holly, and Truffles. Jessica, and her husband and son, have dedicated their lives to being ambassadors for these misunderstood dogs.

Even as a young girl, Jessica was aware of, and troubled by, the mistreatment of animals. In grade school, her creative writing assignments all ended up being dramatic tales of dogs and cats who overcame great tragedy and lived happily ever after in their new homes! As an adult, Jessica gets to make those stories come true as a foster and adoption coordinator for ISWMP.

Adoption Coordinator

Megan Hunt

Megan’s love for dogs began at a young age. Growing up, her family fostered and adopted countless animals. She spent much of her childhood rehabilitating these animals. As an adult, she began reaching out to local rescues and volunteering within the shelter system. In 2019, she created Animal Interest and in 2020 she joined I Stand with my Pack.

Megan has been passionate about helping others for as long as she can remember. Volunteering has always been a major source of happiness in her life. Her mother taught her the importance of empathy and compassion at a very young age, and she continues to practice that in her daily life. She grew up in Southern California and attended college at the University of San Diego, where she studied psychology. Within her major, she focused on child development. After graduation, She spent five years as a behavior therapist and worked with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Many of her students were non-verbal and it was during this time that she realized her fervor for being a voice for the voiceless. Megan has since dedicated her life to human and animal welfare. Her goal to educate others on what it means to be an advocate.

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Megan Hunt - Adoption Coordinator

Volunteer Committee Members

Volunteer CommitteeAshley Altstadt
Event Manager and CoordinatorDillon Neaman
Event ProducerTaylor Hart
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ISWMP is registered as a 501(c)(3) non- profit organization. Contributions to ISWMP are tax-deductible to extent permitted by law. The ISWMP's tax identification number is 81-4291281