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Follow these steps below for a successful adoption!

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  • Start by sending us an email inquiring who you’re looking to add to your family! Remember some dogs get adopted quicker than others – so keep an open mind to a few others as well!
  • A team member will then reach out with an adoption application for you to fill out! You have the option to start with the adoption application in which you can download our PDF form and send Via email – or use our easy online application!
  • After your application is reviewed and approved, a team member will reach out to set up your meet and greet – remember to bring your entire pack to make sure everyone gets along – furry and human!
  • After a successful meet and greet, we’ll do our home check – this is vital to ensure not only the family is a fit, but the environment is a safe and happy space.
  • Finally, after all the requirements are met, it’s just time for the adoption fee – which varies depending upon the age of a dog – it’s broken down below in adoption fees.

Adoption fees


More than 500 animals gets rescued by iswmp annually. Each has a different story to tell and each one of them is special in their own way. We rescue these animals from local and state shelters, streets, puppy mills, korean meet market..etc

All of them no matter where they came from are provided with basic needs, medical treatment, behavioral assement, training, rehabilitation when necessary, protection, and most importantly love and tender care some of them have never experienced before.

The total cost of caring for and rehoming these animals is in hundreds of thousands of $. Adoption fees help offset these costs by covering 30% of the total. As a small rescue organization we mostly rely on private donations and our own fundraisers to cover expenses.

  • Puppies up to one year – $550 + $100 deposit – which is allocated for spay/neuter. You have two options in which with proof of spay/neuter the $100 will be returned or ISWMP can handle the spay in neuter to assist in which the $100 would stay with ISWMP.
  • Young adults from one year to six year – $450
  • Seniors six years or older – $350

Adoptions out of state


Adoptions out of state are possible only if you can come to LA to meet and pick up the dog, since we do not transport or ship our doggies. If that’s a possibility for you, please kindly submit your adoption application and send it to us, and our team members will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Adoption process:


I Stand With My Pack has rescued over 1,000 animals since 2016 and each year we increase the amount of lives saved and adopted to loving new homes and we’re happy you’re interested in joining our PACK and helping add to those numbers!

Adoption has many great rewarding benefits outside just having a new adorable member to love. You are contributing the saving lives by adopting just one dog, that could make room for a rescue to take in more. You are giving a dog a second chance at life and love they may never have received. You’re also bring awareness and education to others my simply telling your story and encouraging others to adopt as well!

We have a few steps in order to add your new baby to your family. It begins by you reaching out about the dog that initially caught your eye you’re hoping to adopt. You can email us (link to contact page). Once your email is received, we will respond with an application you will fill out and send back to us. Always take a second look at others as well, as some of our dogs get adopted quicker than others. We are happy to help you find the perfect fit, always keep an open mind to all! You can also just fill out an application directly from the website in which you have two options. We have a downloadable PDF form you can fill out and send back via email or you may fill out our easy to access online adoption form that gets directly sent to us!

Once your application has been reviewed and accepted one of our staff members will reach out to set up your face to face meet and greet! Meet and greets are an initial way to make sure all pack members get along and aids in solidifying they are the right fit for you! A final step to the process is a home check, this ensures the potential new member of your family has a suitable environment that will ensure safety and happiness for all!

After all the above steps are approved and finished, your adoption will be final upon the payment. There are three different categories in which your adoption fee would fall in. Starting with the newborn puppies to six months of age. That is $450 plus an additional deposit of $100 for spaying and neutering. Once they are of age and proof from a veterinarian is sent over your deposit of $100 will be returned to you! We then have our Young adults aged six months – six years. Which is $450 all dogs this age will be spayed/neutered before being adopted out. Final category is seniors age six years old and up, which is $350.

The steps above ensure that we have found the most suitable home for each dog we rescue as we strive to find loving and forever homes! Once you adopt from us you will always be apart of our pack and we look forward to keeping in touch and seeing them grow up, yes that includes their new Instagram accounts! We also have many events we love to have ISWMP alumni attend.

The final step you must provide, is a lifetime of love and happiness and we are so happy you chose to adopt and help the fight in saving the ones who couldn’t advocate for themselves!

Click here to fill out the Adoption Application

Click here to fill out the Adoption Application