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ABOUT USEntry Process and Requirements

Am I ready to adopt?

First and foremost, ask yourself and everyone in your household:
1. Are you ready for a long term commitment, 10+ years?
2. If you are a pet owner, how will your pet react to a new pet in your house?
3. Is there an adult in your family who has agreed to be fully responsible for the dog’s care?
4. Are you financially stable enough to provide good health and overall well being care for the dog?
5. Do you have a fenced-in yard? If not, are you ready to commit to potty training on a leash?

Please be advised that there is a $10 non-refundable application fee that serves as a donation to our foundation.

Please use the button below to pay the application fee. Once the fee is processed you will be redirected to the adoption form.

If you already submitted an application and would like to apply for a new dog, you do not need to submit another application. Instead, please fill out the application update form.

We are receiving a high number of applications for most dogs and we currently do not have the resources to contact everyone. You will be considered for all dogs you apply for. We will send you a decline if your application will not be a fit for any dogs, otherwise, we encourage you to apply using the application update form above.
Thank you for understanding!

Everything about our adoption process you can learn on this page below. If there is any question that cannot be found under Q&A section please email adopt@iswmp.org

Thank you for standing with your Pack!

So, you’re ready to join our PACK?

If you would like to apply to adopt one of our dogs please fill out the adoption application, link is above. Please add the desired dog’s name in your application.
The application review, approval and process can take 1-3 weeks. Please be patient.
Even though we get several wonderful applications we can only pick one and due to lack of resources we cannot get back to every single applicant.
After your application is approved we would do a home check as well as arrange a meet and greet. We require that all members of the family are present at the meet and greet.
If all goes well and after the adoption fee is submitted we will arrange a day and time to situate dog(s) into your home.
Adoption fees

More than 500 animals get rescued by ISWMP annually. Each has a different story to tell and each one of them is special in their own way. We rescue these animals from local and state shelters, streets, puppy mills, korean meat market..etc

All of them no matter where they came from are provided with basic needs, medical treatment, behavioral assessment, training, rehabilitation when necessary, protection, and most importantly love and tender care some of them have never experienced before.

The total cost of caring for and rehoming these animals is in hundreds of thousands of $. Adoption fees help offset these costs by covering 30% of the total. As a small rescue organization we mostly rely on private donations and our own fundraisers to cover expenses.

Puppies up to 1 year – $550
Young adults from one to six year – $450
Seniors six years or older – $350

What does the adoption process include?

The first step is an Adoption application which can be found on our website. If approved, a home check will be required. If the home check and application are approved we will move on to meet and greets with the adopters and foster. Depending on the breed/dog you may need to do an interview with a member of our team. Upon adoption you will be asked to sign an Adoption Agreement and pay the non-refundable adoption fee.

Do you allow adoptions out of state?

Out of state adoptions require applicants to travel to Los Angeles to for an in person meet and greet. Since we do not transport or ship our doggies, the adopter would be responsible for transport. If that’s a possibility for you, please kindly fill out an adoption application and send it to us, and our team members will contact for an interview

What should I expect from the home check?

We look for a safe and happy environment for all our animals. Depending on the animal’s breed and age, our requirements will change. In general, we want to make sure the dog cannot escape and is not exposed to any danger or things like loose wires. If we happen to find a potential issue, we may wait until the issue is fixed prior to allowing the dog to move to its new home.

What does meet and greet look like? 

A meet and greet is a chance for you to meet the dog in person and see if you are a good match. Meet and greets usually last between 40 min to an hour and are helpful if you have another animal for them to meet. Depending on the breed and needs of the rescue dog, there may be a trainer involved to make sure you get the right instructions of a boundaries that needs to be set right from the moment an animal enters a new home. It’s possible to adopt immediately upon meeting the dog, pay and fill out the contract at the meet and greet.For some dogs we will require two or three meets and greets before we allow the adoption to be closed.

How will I know if my application is approved? 

We give our best to contact approved adopters for the dog they applied for within 14 days of their application. At this time we are not in a position to contact all applicants. Unfortunately, due to a high volume of applications, we are unable to get back to every person as we are working 24/7 to save dogs. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

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