Suffer the innocent… Another poaching. Another orphan. This little guy is only 4weeks old. He must have tried to defend his mother from the poachers but got severely dealt with by a poacher with a panga (machete).

From from @careforwild:

Introducing Arthur!

Our newest arrival, the tiny and injured one month old calf, has been named Arthur. Deriving from the word ‘bear’, and meaning noble and courageous, Arthur is a name that certainly fits this handsome and strong little bull. After fighting to protect his mother at just a few weeks old, we are certain he will grow into a big rhino bull, fitting of a strong name.

Right now, however, he is still a small and wounded baby without his mom, who requires constant support and love. Today he was taken out into the sunshine, in an attempt to lift his spirits – and his time in the sun did just that! Unlike many of the orphans, he was confident and unafraid when he came out for the first time into his new surroundings, and quickly settled to lie down in the sunshine.

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