Another calf is down after being left in a snare for many days, it’s family moved on. Zoom in on the image and see the from left foot, where the snare has started to cut through the leg. It’s a very sad situation, we are desperately trying to turn this situation around, but there is always someone on the take, clearing forest or poaching. We are still waiting to collars two herds to track there movements and put in place elephant patrol units, but we are waiting for the government to give us the go ahead. Link in my bio. Also in the news today In a precedent setting legal case that made headlines around the globe, rogue palm oil company PT Kallista Alam, previously found guilty of illegally burning protected Indonesian forests known as ‘the orangutan capital of the world’ and fined IDR 366 billion (approx. USD 26 million) has been granted ‘legal protection’ by the District Court of Meulaboh and has been able to sue Indonesia’s National Government in a shocking new legal development. It’s a sad day for the Leuser Ecosystem.
Foto: Zamzami Ali
Via : @paulhiltonphoto

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