ISWMP is outraged after learning the news about baby wallaby that died after being tormented by five teenagers who broke in Dalscone Farm Fun in Dumfries early Sunday morning. Two of the animals escaped the enclosure but the third, a baby named Mick, was so shaken it died on Sunday evening. The vets best efforts to save his life were not enough.
As we find out these vandals were creating havoc at the nearby garden center before heading to terrorize wallabies.
If anyone have any information on five awful human beings that did this please turn the information to the officers working on the case.
This again comes to show that after all these murders in enclosures such as parks, zoo’s, farms etc we must understand and treat this as a war.
We must be smart, tactical, strong and most of all UNITED! Stand with our animals and for our animals. Enough is enough!

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