Based on sociocultural and population studies we can estimate that 75% of owned dogs remain free roaming while all stray dogs roam freely on the streets of Bali.

Due to the insecure economic climate caused by COVID 19 pandemic the majority of these dogs are suffering due to the insecure economic climate in Bali whereby people are barely able to make ends meet, let alone properly take care of their own animals or the stray population in their communities. Tourists that often feed these dogs have also fled the island and arent predicted to return for a couple months. Therefore, this emergency street feeding initiative intends to serve not only stray and dumped animals but any dog in need of food and basic nutrition.


photos by Kei Miyamoto

“The amazing team at I Stand With My Pack are supporting us during these difficult times and helping us feed 100’s of animals in need. We are honoured to be working with them and truly appreciate their compassion towards the animals of Bali.”