This morning we learned that a rhino orphanage was attacked, baby Rhinos died and their care givers were brutally beaten. Enough is enough. We will either watch these cowardly people take down the last living rhino or we are going to stand up and fight! ISWMP is working on a campaign to help Rhinos and we will need all of your help soon! #IStandWithMyPack
From Allison Thomson – OSCAP
“Last night one of our rhino orphanages was attacked by poachers. I cannot give you more info now except that some rhinos were killed. One had to be euthanized this morning. The staff were apparently beaten. I cannot give you more info than this right now. Please keep all if them in your thoughts.” If you are part of the OSCAP page on Facebook you will be able to see any further updates. Our thoughts are with all that are affected by this horrible poaching incident 💔
Edit: *We can confirm that @Careforwild was not the rhino orphanage that was attacked*
#OSCAP #Southafrica #breakingnews
Source : @disunitythefilm

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