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It is no secret that we here at I Stand with My Pack love pit bull type dogs, but did you know that we have an entire program dedicated to the rescue and advocacy of pit bulls? Our Bully Booster Program is a commitment to ensure that 30% of our quarterly rescues are bully type dogs who will be provided for medically, and behaviorally if necessary, and placed in loving forever homes. The program also aims to educate the public, dispelling common myths about pit bull type dogs and encouraging our community to advocate for these beloved block-heads.

Pit bull type dogs often find themselves surrounded by misconceptions and stereotypes. However, behind the prejudice lies a remarkable and loving breed that deserves a chance to be celebrated. Despite the prevalent myth that pit bulls are naturally aggressive, one of the standout qualities of pit bull type dogs is their unparalleled affection and loyalty for their humans. Pit bull type dogs thrive on human interaction and are eager to please, making them excellent family pets. Their eagerness to learn and strong drive to please their owners makes them a joy to train. Pit bull type dogs are known for their playful and energetic personalities and their enthusiasm for life makes them perfect companions for individuals or families who enjoy an active lifestyle. In contrast to misconceptions, pit bull type dogs are generally gentle and loving with people – and especially children. When raised in a positive environment and properly socialized, they become devoted family members and are known for their patience and tolerance with kids.

As we, and other breed advocates, already know, pit bull type dogs are not the aggressive, dangerous animals they are often portrayed to be. It’s time to break free from the stereotypes surrounding pit bulls and recognize them for what they truly are – loyal, loving, and wonderful companions. By dispelling these myths, the ISWMP Bully Booster Program strives to encourage responsible ownership, promote positive training practices, and help these incredible dogs find the loving homes they deserve. Remember, every dog is an individual, and pit bulls are no exception – they are just like any other dog, full of love and ready to become cherished members of a family.

Join our mission to provide a safe haven for bully breed dogs in need. We’re always seeking compassionate foster families who can open their hearts and homes to these incredible dogs. If fostering isn’t an option for you, consider supporting our cause by donating. Every contribution makes a difference in the lives of these loving animals. Together, we can make a lasting impact.


If you already submitted an application and would like to apply for a new dog, you do not need to submit another application. Instead, please fill out the application update form.

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