One-third of species in the US are vulnerable to extinction.  More than 1,270 species found in the US are listed as at risk under the federal Endangered Species Act. Such species include grizzly bear, California condor, leatherback sea turtle, rusty patched bumble bee, monarch butterflies, which numbers have dropped by about 90% in recent decades, as well as North Atlantic right whales who might be facing extinction after no new births are recorded.

National Wildlife Federation states that the actual number of endangered species is in fact much higher the formal listed.
Destruction of forests and wetlands to make space for industrial growth has a grave impact on wild life and the whole ecosystem.  If the numbers of animals continue declining so rapidly conservationist are predicting one of the largest extinction in history of Planet.

We need to urge our government to expand funds for programs and recovery plans for endangered species.  The ONLY way we will manage to save our wild life and help recovery of endangered species is if we ALL work together, states, private and non-profit organizations, leverage our resources and have an open and factual shared informations.

A world with more people and less animals will be a scary place to live in.

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