Meet DeeDee!

DeeDee is a ~1.5yr old, 25lb retriever/spaniel/shepherd/dachshund/Heinz 57 mix (at least that’s what she looks like and she loves to swim!). She is spayed, healthy, up to date on vaccines. She has the softest and silkiest coat ever. She doesn’t seem to shed very much if at all. Location: Palm Springs, CA.

DeeDee was found stray in Indio in April 2022. You’d never know DeeDee had been let down by her humans because she is the most darling, snuggly girl who will devote herself to her humans.

She LOVES to play, chase, wrestle and nuzzle and snuggle whoever her family are – fur and human. She has two best friends in her foster home –  a 15lb Pug/Chihuahua mix and a 40lb Wheaten mix. She really wants a  friendly and playful fur sibling in her new home too. Having a friend to play with gives her the confidence and exercise she needs. She also learns so much from another dog.

She IS a barker when visitors come to the house. She’s being taught to mellow on that front but she’s got a ‘watch dog’ in her. So a non-busy home would be best. She is quiet as a mouse all day long.

An experienced owner and someone who is cool with some initial positive leash training is what she’s hoping to find too.

She is one dreamy, smart, sweet, sweet girl who will be the greatest gift to the family she joins.

Best home for DeeDee
  • 1-2 adult humans who are dog experienced and devote themselves to their dogs and are willing and able to do some initial positive training to help her gain confidence.
  • At least one other friendly, playful dog less than 50lbs
  • Experienced dog owner only and no young children.
  • A fenced yard (a pool would be amazing, she loves to swim)
  • A quiet home, with not much activity of guests or people coming and going
Contact information is:
Kate Zenna
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