We are outraged about the violent death of El Salvador’s beloved hippo Gustavo. Every day we learn about so many cruelty cases but we still cannot understand what motives can be behind something so sick and twisted. How can people be so disconnected with reality and life around them? Wake up! This is a war! War on animals, and everything good on this Earth.
Source: abc News : ”El Salvador’s widespread violence turned an unexpected corner with the brutal and fatal beating of the National Zoological Park’s beloved hippopotamus Gustavito.

Even among a population numbed by a staggering human death toll due to gang violence in recent years, the animal’s death late on Sunday stirred outrage.
He said the motive remains unknown.

The attack occurred last week, sometime on Tuesday night. But zookeepers did not discover the hippo’s injuries until Thursday because he did not leave his pool.

Gustavito died from the injuries late on Sunday.

Justice Minister Mauricio Ramirez Landaverde said an investigation had been opened.
Gustavito was born and raised in Guatemala, but was brought to El Salvador 13 years ago.”

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