Every year millions of pets are euthanized in shelters across the USA. Sadly the same people that these dogs were bred for are the ones that surrender them to shelters usually without any valid excuse.

Each animal that have been left in the shelter has a very little to none time to get out of it alive. Most of them are scared, heartbroken and some of them are seriously ill or have been abused.

I Stand With My Pack can’t stress enough on how important adoption and fostering are. Please never buy always adopt!

On December 30th we will try to bring a bit of happiness to some animals in local LA shelters. We will be delivering blankets, snacks, toys, hugs, love and compassion. If you want to volunteer with us email us at info@iswmp.org

If you wish to donate :PayPal info@iswmp.org

If you can donate dog beds,  snacks, toys or anything you could think dogs, cats and rabbits would love please email us at info@iswmp.org

In addition to our blankets and food delivery, we will also host a whole day live adoption that will be backed up by some of our friends rescues. If you are interested in fostering or adopting please email us ASAP  at info@iswmp.org Please help us save some lives this Holiday Season.

Thank you.

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