We are shocked and devastated to learn about the death of the last of the eleven rhinos that were translocated from Nairobi and Nakuru national parks to Tsavo East in June. It is believed that this rhino was attacked by lions and subsequently died.

An inquiry team concluded that the deaths of 8 rhinos, that died last month, were due to multiple stress syndrome intensified by salt poisoning and starvation.
People in charge of this relocation were not even diligent enough to check the quality of the water in the Rhinos’ new home. Apparently there was a high concentration of salt which caused these animals to suffer from dehydration, upper respiratory tract bacteria and gastric ulcers. Two of the rhinos died during or immediately after the translocation. Which was also done poorly and caused a lot of stress and injuries to these animals.

This is a negligence at its worst and a a major setback for a critically endangered species. We hope that the KWS will fully examine this case and learn from these mistakes. Several KWS members of staff had been suspended or demoted but that won’t bring rhinos back. This cannot happen again. It should’ve not happened now.

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