First time we saw a picture of Cameo was three months ago. On that picture she was looking in despair while the shelter staff was taking her babies away from her. We’re never going to forget that look. It stuck with us.

Cammie’s pictures were sent to us by a wonderful volunteer LC who immediately recognized that this girl was special in hopes that we will have a space for her.
Cammie had a bad pneumonia and landed on an urgent list. Even though we were at our fullest capacity we just couldn’t let her die. We came to the rescue.
It took about a month for Cammie to recover.

Our girl Dillon took her into her home and worked on a terrible separation anxiety Cammie had as well as basic obedience.
She was doing better each day and finally was able to be the dog she was always meant to be.

Sweet, loving, loyal, affectionate, playful, goofy, smart… Finally after three months of searching for that perfect loving home Cammie got adopted. She now has a family to call her own. Family that adores her forever. This is a happy tail for a girl that deserves it.
We love you Cammie. ❤

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