Fostering an animal in need is the most selfless and beautiful thing you can do for that animal. As it happens sometimes we fell in love with our foster animals and decide to keep them forever. After fostering over 10 dogs with I Stand With My Pack @houseofgraysco decided to keep one of them. We are thrilled to announce that our sweet Lola has found her forever home with Megan.
We love them so much. 💕

These are some of the words Megan wrote in her post you can read the rest on her page:
First, I’ve wanted to keep almost every dog. And I only say ‘almost’ because some I knew out of the gate weren’t a match for my other male selective dog.
Ongoing, true fostering is about being a safe transition space between the shelter and the forever family. A place to decompress and heal and take time. When you keep the dog, or ‘foster fail’, you might eliminate that space for future dogs. For dogs in the shelter waiting for their chance. And, fosters are often harder to find than adopters.
So, keeping a dog who is wanted by another family, sometimes many families is, for lack of a better term, selfish (no judgment). It’s for the self, not the dog. The dog has a loving home lined up, the dog is fine. The goal has been met, the job is done.
The thing about Lola was—is—she needed me. Differently. Maybe a lot of other people would line up to adopt a bulldog who looks like her. But would they stay with her patiently for the 30 minutes it takes to coax her out of her crate each time? Carry her to the bathroom when she’s too afraid to walk? Feed her by hand because she has some phobia about eating from bowls? Change her diapers several times a day for a month? 
Lola has already spent roughly half her life, 5 years, in a cage, unloved and alone. The truth is I needed to be 100% sure she spends the rest of it happy. All of it. Every single day!
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