Molly was a Vietnamese potbellied pig who ended up in the care of British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals after a cruelty investigation and subsequent rescue operation.

A month ago Molly was adopted by what seamed to be a “ lovely “ Vancouver Island couple. Unfortunately for Molly what was suppose to be a happy beginning of her new life was her end. The “ lovely “ couple turned to be a couple of butchers who slaughtered Molly to consume her flesh. The local law enforcement, confirmed that the family had slaughtered Molly but since they determined that the slaughter was done humanely there’s not much action the shelter can take.

You are probably wondering how is this even possible? The sad reality is that is not illegal to kill your own animal in Canada. In the United States in many states, it’s also legal for people to kill and eat their own pets, including cats and dogs.

We have to change these outdated laws and start acting morally responsibly towards animals. Rescuers spend hours of hard work and bonding with animals they rescue. They also spend a lot of money to rehabilitate and care for animals. Molly’s case is such a slap in the face of those that spent hours bringing her back to health and caring for her. Those that loved her.

Though potbellied pigs are intelligent and can make wonderful companions, caring for them is a big commitment. Please don’t buy animals and adopt only if you can properly take care of them.

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