ISWMP Announces PAPA – Pre-Approve Pitbull Adopter, Pilot Program.

We are excited to announce a new program with ISWMP called PAPA! Every day we can see without looking at the data that Bullybreeds are the highest number of shelter dogs. It is heartbreaking. And we know that for families looking for their next family dog – that going to a shelter can be gut wrenching, if not traumatizing.

There are over 100 #inherentlygood bully breeds in Los Angeles Shelters who have lived there since 2017 or 2018 at this very moment.

This is why ISWMP is kicking off the PAPA program. If you are looking for a Pitbull to adopt, we want to pre-approve you!

Check out our rescue numbers! We are proud of our achievements in saving lives and placing companion animals in their forever homes:

How does the PAPA program work?

Please apply to adopt with ISWMP in advance, by filling out the adoption paperwork, listing “PAPA Program” in the name of the dog for now. We will complete the process in advance and in the phone interview we will understand the constraints, the type of #inherentlygood Bully Breed you are looking for, and then when we find a shelter dog match we will email you details and when we find good match, then we will start a “Foster to Adopt” program with you.

Sound like a good way to reduce the number of Pitbull’s stuck in LA Shelters?
We think so, so we are conducting a Pilot of this program during the months of Oct, Nov, and December. The results of this pilot will be used and factored into our 2020 Mission, Goals, and Programs.

Email us at
📸: @rita_earl_blackwell

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