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ISWMP Announces PAPA – Pre-Approve Pitbull Adopter Program.

Every day we can see without looking at the data that Bully breeds are the highest number of shelter dogs. It is heartbreaking. And we know that for families looking for their next family dog – that going to a shelter can be gut wrenching, if not traumatising.

There are over 100 #inherentlygood bully breeds in Los Angeles Shelters who have lived there since 2017 or 2018 at this very moment.

This is why ISWMP is kicking off the PAPA program. If you are looking for a Pitbull to adopt, we want to pre-approve you!

Bali Street Feeding Program

Based on sociocultural and population studies we can estimate that 75% of owned dogs remain free roaming while all stray dogs roam freely on the streets of Bali.

Malnutrition, lack of vaccinations and various forms of animal cruelty have been an ongoing issue for the dogs and cats on the island of Bali. However, since the rabies outbreak in 2008 and the fear it caused has resulted in continuous mass culling of free-roaming dogs. Combined with the dog-meat trade and cross-breading from the import of foreign breeds, the Bali Dog is now facing an extreme number of threats.

Due to the insecure economic climate caused by COVID 19 pandemic the majority of these dogs are suffering due to the insecure economic climate in Bali whereby people are barely able to make ends meet, let alone properly take care of their own animals or the stray population in their communities. Tourists that often feed these dogs have also fled the island and aren’t predicted to return for at least a year. Therefore, this emergency street feeding initiative intends to serve not only stray and dumped animals but any dog in need of food and basic nutrition.


We have been receiving many reports about elephants in a touristic facility in Bali who are struggling since Covid hit with feeding and care. When there are no tourists there is no money to care for the animals that have been used to entertain tourists. Once we went to visit and we were truly shocked. The elephants are starving and so are three sun bears that are with them. We are now making a plan for them which might involve long term commitments and therefore long term funds: but firstly we wish to reach out for support on the ground to feed them!- Team of animal rescues and conservationists from JAAN, SSBT and ISWMP teamed up to help these animals. Join us on our mission, bear with us and help us break these chains!

Rise Against Extinction

Welcome to the last place on earth where elephants, orangutans, rhinos and tigers live together in the wild.

Reaching across more than six million acres of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the Leuser ecosystem, a pristine intact rainforest, is one of the most ancient ecosystems on earth. The Leuser is home to almost a thousand species of birds and mammals that can not be found anywhere else on the planet. Although it is one of the most biodiverse ecosystems left on Earth, it is also one of the most endangered.

Thousands of acres of the Leuser rainforest are burnt down and bulldozed every year for palm oil production. Where can you find by-products of palm oil? Check the ingredients in the boxes in your pantry, the labels in your clothing, the cosmetics in your makeup bag, the candy in your Halloween bowl, or the paper in your office space. Palm oil can be found in almost everything these days, which means it is being produced at rapid rates, slashing and burning the Leuser every single day.

Project Farmica 2021
The association “Farmica” originated from a civic initiative led by volunteers in Našice, and has been officially operating since 2018 until today.
The leading problem of the association “Farmica” is the space provided for the care of abandoned, injured and old animals. The hangar in which they are currently housed in is in a dilapidated condition; the roof collapses and leaks, and there is no electricity or insulation, which makes it very difficult to maintain the temperature inside the room.Given that “Farmica” operates as a non-profit association, its four permanent members, with the help of volunteers, do their best to provide all its residents with the best possible conditions. However, the lack of finances, support and understanding brings many problems that this year the non-profit American organization “I Stand With My Pack” decided to lend a hand.

Project Žarkovica 2020
I Stand With My Pack and our friend Zach Skow decided to offer a helping hand and stand with Žarkovica in this difficult times and help them build a safe space for over 350 dogs.
We need a help of our loving animals community so these animals are warm and safe during this Christmas and all year long.Please kindly consider making a donation and become a part of this Christmas miracle for over 350 dogs in a need of a shelter. Only together we can save lives of Žarkovica dogs!

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