It’s been a hard week for conservation, meet Rahul, I was with @socp.official on the day of his confiscation from a village on the edge of the Tripa peat swamp, the orangutan capital of the world, within the Leuser Ecosystem, the last place in the world where orangutans, tigers, rhinos and elephants still share the same forest. Rahul was taken from him mother at an early age, she was probably killed in front of him by poachers, trying make a quick buck. Sadly sometime after his rescue, before his planned rehabilitation and release he contracted some kind of encephalitis and was badly brain damaged ever since. Recently he contracted another illness and he passed away just a few days ago.

The team at @socp.official loved the guy, even with his full time care. I’d only seen him from time to time during his stay at the quarantine centre, he was a beautiful orangutan, his life, far from perfect, but I didn’t want his passing to go by without you knowing about him. His life mattered, as all lives matter. Please Learn more about this important ecosystem, tell your friends – JOIN & SHARE the movement:!

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