My name is Gable and I am currently @ East Valley Animal Shelter Kennel No E. My Animal ID is #A1662338
I was born on 01.06.2014 and don’t remember much of my life With My real parents. I was few weeks old when my human dad came to buy me. He thought it was cool to have American Staff and couldn’t wait to show me off to his friends. I was happy to learn all the tricks he showed me and would gave my life for him. He broke my heart, when I noticed that he wasn’t coming back home as often, that he doesn’t want me to sit or lay or ask for my paw, when he cared less about taking me out, or feeding me or spending time with me.
Yesterday, on 01.06.2017 my owner brought me to this strange and scary place. I was wondering what we are doing here and got really stressed when my owner gave my leash to a staff member. I had no idea where are they were taking me. I have no idea where I am, and I have no idea what did I do wrong. They walked me through the kennel until they reached the one I am in right now. They opened it and pushed me in. It is cold, it smells, it is very loud. I’ve heard that they euthanize my breed very fast. I don’t know what is euthanization but it doesn’t sound very good. I’m scared. I don’t sleep. Did I say I’m cold? No I’m freezing. The floor is wet. I want to get out. Please help me.
My name is Gable and I’m a prisoner @ Easy Valley Animal Shelter. Come save me, be my hero, I will unconditionally love again….

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