Social responsibility is our passion and we are proud of our sponsors for following us as well as support our events and activities.

Welcome to nail & bone… we’re glad you’re here! We’re passionate about pups & are dedicated to helping homeless dogs find loving families. You can help! We support pet rescue & adoption organizations by donating 20% of proceeds from our products… so pick up a polish or 2 & smile knowing your dollars are going to help change the life of a dog in need.

Wine is a tricky business, because when it comes to their growth cycle, grapes tend to march to the beat of their own drum. Their natural flavor, color and growing cycle is driven by nature. To capture sameness and establish predictability, producers rely on synthetic pesticides, chemical additives and sugar, which yield a product that tastes the same, bottle after bottle, year after year. Chemical pesticides and additives also make it possible to maximize yields and hide flaws, like bacteria and other unpleasant elements. Unfortunately, this processed wine is chemically-altered and completely unnatural, and you can taste it. We’re here to offer a chemical, additive-free wine, which provides more natural, altogether better-tasting wine experience to everyone. We’re here to offer CLEAN-CRAFTED wine.

We traveled the globe searching for the finest non-gmo, organic ingredients. Our quest led us to organic cane fields in South America that are fed with clear, pure water that flows down from the top of the Andes Mountains into the fertile Cauca Valley. It takes the purest water to produce the purest sugar cane used in Drake’s Organic Spirits.  With a spirit of adventure we began to hand craft the first non-grain, gluten-free USDA certified organic vodka and USDA organic rum. Our ultra premium vodka is distilled 12x and is full of nature’s flavors with a smooth, clean taste only cane alcohol can provide.  We hope you enjoy drinking our spirits as much as we have enjoyed our quest to make them.

In 2015 I left Burning Man with an idea. After seeing the mountain of plastic water bottles that had to be removed at the end of the festival, I knew there had to be a better way. I immediately thought of the delicious water from my family’s artesian spring, but in a sustainable package.

The water we drink matters. It impacts our bodies, communities, and the environment. That’s why we created Flow, a mindful water company that considers sustainable kindness and healthy hydration first.

Non-GMO Sourced – We are proud to say that all of these euphoric concoctions are made with non-GMO sourced ingredients.
Certified Vegan – We partnered with Vegan Action to certify that our non-dairy doesn’t include animal products of any kind—including eggs, dairy or honey. Made With Almond Milk – After experimenting with all sorts of different formulas, our Flavor Gurus decided that almond milk provided the best “blank canvas” for the delicious brownies, caramel, nuts, and chocolate we sourced. Fairtrade Certified – We source five Fairtrade Certified ingredients: sugar, cocoa, vanilla, coffee, bananas.

PetPop is the ultimate pop-up photo experience now in Los Angeles for a limited time! Over 15 fanciful pet-themed rooms await your pleasure. Tons of photo activations form perfect backdrops for our guests. Look chic in the 101 Dalmatians Room and get your workout on in the World’s Largest Hamster Wheel. Whether looking for a new jaw-dropping selfie, a vibrant Snap, an Instagram moment or a new fun and quirky family portrait, PetPop has something for all animal lovers!

SAGE LAROCK offers a modern image of luxury – clothing that supports women feeling beautiful both inside and out. They create their clothing entirely from sustainable, recycled or organic materials, and produce ethically and locally, using non-toxic and plant based dyes.

SAGE LAROCK is committed to environmental and social excellence throughout every stage of production, utilizing high quality materials and ethical garment manufacturing.