Hundreds of thousands of dogs are used and ultimately killed in the most cruel and absurd laboratory testing all over the world.

In the U.S. alone, more than 75,000 dogs, including homeless animals from various shelters, are tormented for product-testing every year.

In toxicology studies, large doses of a test substance including but not limited to: industrial chemicals, pesticides, known toxic household products, etc., are pumped into animals’ bodies, slowly poisoning them. Dogs and other animals endure extreme amounts of pain and torture before they ultimately die and worse get dismembered for more studies.

Can you imagine dying from being slowly poisoned by your cleaning detergent and then have your body taken apart so you never have the chance to rest in peace?

In a violent experiment at the University of Pennsylvania, puppies were bred to have a degenerative eye disease that culminates in blindness. During the study, 3-week-old beagles had their eyes cut out and were killed.

**Beagles are often a favored breed to be used in laboratory experiments because of their size, which is believed to be the “perfect” size for their small cages, and because their passive nature.

There is plenty of published scientific evidence to prove that testing on Beagles and other animals is less reliable than tossing a coin or throwing a pancake on the wall to see if it sticks. We cannot afford the luxury of 50/50 chances and we cannot let these senseless and above all cruel tests continue.

Our government and health authorities must remove the legal requirement for animal tests and replace them with testing methods that are relevant to humans.

While this horrendous process will not cease any time soon due to laws already in motion, what we can do to stay proactive in the meantime is:

– Go vegan.

– Follow and support the Beagle Freedom Project; an organization working hard to enact state laws to ensure dogs used in taxpayer-funded research facilities are given to nonprofit rescue organizations rather than being killed.

– As well as, White Coat Waste Project, another organization that is doing a great job of exposing the horrors in experimental labs and is worth of your follow.

– Check out Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing to get solid information on why some scientists believe animal research is dated.

– Call your federal legislatures and the FDA, urging them to replace animal testing with humane alternatives.

– Make sure you use cruelty free products.

The sooner we do this it will be better for all beings on our planet, humans and animals. We can make a difference today by simply talking about the truth of what is happening behind closed doors and demanding our government officials seek to update the old systems which are harmful to innocent animals.

The change comes from us taking a stand together on behalf of the animals who cannot speak for themselves.

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