The 7th annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival on June 21st is swiftly approaching and while the Chinese government has not directly said they are banning the Yulin dog meat festival for good, there have been reports that we hope to be true which state they intend to “prohibit restaurants, street vendors and market traders from selling dog meat at the event” at risk of arrest and fines up to 100,000 yuan. Every year since 2010 they say the same thing and yet thousands of dogs (and cats) are brutally tortured. While we believe the government wants to change, and while we are trying to work with them to bring that to fruition, there are no victories until laws are passed and implemented.

Stand with us, because they cut their off legs so they have none. Scream loud in protest for their lives, because the animals do before they are murdered. Be their voice, because as they are drowned so they have no words or life. Speak up until we see the end of this horror. Together we stand firm until justice is served. We can all be their hero. If we can raise awareness for the small creatures on this planet then it gives us strength to rise up for the largest creatures. Never give in to what is said each year – but never happens, that is how they blind us from the truth.

If the end of such a gruesome event, that is commonly mistaken as a Chinese tradition, is true it can make the Republic of China a world leader in their efforts to save the lives of millions of animals. If China can do this massive transformation then so can we! Let us here in the United States follow suit and demand our government, specifically the 44 states that allow the consumption of dog and cat meat, to enforce strict laws against such treatment.

Please sign our petition, , and be loud in your opinions.
It’s not over until it’s over!

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