Meet Our Team

Aleksandra Schiffer
President and Founder

Aleksandra’s life purpose is building a world where animals and humans live peacefully and respectfully.

Her life began in former Yugoslavia during a decade long civil war. As a refugee, she relocated through the Balkans where she regretfully witnessed many atrocities against humans and animals.  Fortunately, her loving mother kept her safe and fed while living in various war zones.

She had the opportunity to grow up living in several countries. Having been exposed to many diverse cultures and languages from a young age, she has learned about animal welfare issues from a global perspective.

Aleksandra’s affection for animals was immediately apparent from birth.  Her earliest memories are rescuing injured wild animals and releasing them back into the wild.  To date, she has rescued over 700 dogs from 10 countries, funded the protection and relocation of many species on the verge of extinction and organized international protests against animal exploitation.

For over a decade, she has worked and volunteered with various international animal welfare organizations. This experience convinced her to become a dedicated animal activist and eventually form her own organization, I Stand With My Pack.

Aleksandra also has worked as a theatrical actress, model and a manager. She studied law and speaks several languages.

Aleksandra lives with African Mastiff Hank and Cane Corso Scout. Aleksandra recently became a mother to a human child Margot, who is now the youngest Pack member.

Samantha Anderson
Director of Development

Samantha has lived in the LA area for over 20 years and is originally from Shaker Heights, Ohio. She has been a passionate animal activist since she was a little girl. As an elementary school student she started a petition and letter writing campaign to Prime Minister Trudeau (Senior) to end the killing of baby seals. Since then she has volunteered on many political campaigns and initiatives.

Samantha attended college at the University of Pittsburgh. While there, she worked for Bill Graham Presents helping to produce concerts from Prince to Paul McCartney. This fueled her passion for event production, which continues to this day. She has created dynamic events at many of LA’s premier venues for nonprofits, private clients and corporations.

Samantha has extensive nonprofit experience, having sat on the board for many different nonprofits, including five years as the President of The Friends of Memorial Library, Fundraising Chair and Vice President for her daughter’s preschool and elementary school PTA as well LAYN and The Hans- Schneider International Children’s Foundation

Samantha was an avid equestrian and mom to her beautiful horse Chloe for over 23 years. She has been a foster mom to dogs, cats and horses. Currently, she lives with her wonderful daughter and husband, three rescue dogs and two rescue cats.

Jasminka Herceg
International Outreach

When she rescued a pit bull from a dog fighting ranch 14 years ago, Jasminka instantly knew her life was about to change. As a way of thanking her, this puppy named Lina, her new best furry friend, helped her grow emotionally into a strong and kind person full of love and understanding. Since then she has completed several educational programs related to dog training, dog behaviour and therapy.

Although she has worked as an aesthetician and educational expert in the beauty and wellness industry for 20 years, it was very clear that someday she will become an animal rights activist and the voice of all voiceless creatures, especially those on the verge of extinction.

In the last two years Jasminka became an active Rotary International member, trying to advance goodwill and peace around the world. Originally from Croatia, she is also active in the Balkan region, taking care of abused animals, pressuring the system to comply with the law and, of course, educating people.In 2019 she became a proud I Stand With My Pack international outreach and is doing her best to spread the love and caring for animals around the globe.

Jasminka’s dream to help animals and protect them from human cruelty became even clearer and stronger when she visited Sumatra in 2018. Her special bond with magnificent elephants and intact nature showed her amazing wildlife worth fighting for. Her main mission is making human and animal coexistence easier, leaving this world a little better than she found it.

Nicole Jones
Foster Coordinator

Love for the natural world and a profound connection to animals since a child has become a pillar for Nicole’s ongoing involvement in animal rescue movements. From feeding and providing medical care for stray animals in Brazil together with her family, to supporting stray animals in the U.S., Nicole’s compassion and activism has extended continents and has exemplified that against all odds, financial resources, and social support, simple acts of kindness to animals are the most generous, powerful, and freeing acts that we can all do for a global difference.

Nicole grew up questioning everything – from the existence for the countless zoos across the world, to the destruction of natural habitats for resources, to ‘why is there a fish in a bowl.’ Her curiosity, concerns, and expressed compassion for animal and environment welfare had her embed a firm alliance and stance with them early on.

Since the beginning of 2019, Nicole has embarked on a mission with I Stand With My Pack to help save as many lives from high-kill shelters. As a committed foster, volunteer, and full-time college student, she has fostered countless rescue dogs over the course of a few months and has helped them find their forever homes.

Nicole is a recent graduate and pre-law student from California State University of Northridge. She wants to further her studies and attend law school to practice Environmental and Animal Rights Law. In the meantime, she continues to use each day as platform for opportunity to stand for the voiceless and advocate for their rights, their peace, and their liberation.

Nicole has an endless passion for traveling, learning languages, and training jiu jitsu. She enjoys spending time with her family and her incredible pack of rescues!

Megan Hunt
Adoption Coordinator

Megan’s love for dogs began at a young age. Growing up, her family fostered and adopted countless animals. She spent much of her childhood rehabilitating these animals. As an adult, she began reaching out to local rescues and volunteering within the shelter system. In 2019, she created Animal Interest and in 2020 she joined I Stand with my Pack.

Megan has been passionate about helping others for as long as she can remember. Volunteering has always been a major source of happiness in her life. Her mother taught her the importance of empathy and compassion at a very young age, and she continues to practice that in her daily life. She grew up in Southern Califonia and attended college at the University of San Diego, where she studied psychology. Within her major, she focused on child development. After graduation, She spent five years as a behavior therapist and worked with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Many of her students were non-verbal and it was during this time that she realized her fervor for being a voice for the voiceless. Megan has since dedicated her life to human and animal welfare. Her goal to educate others on what it means to be an advocate.

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