In Guangzhou, at the Grandview Polar Sea World, an exhibition housed a polar bear by the name of Pizza, also given the name “World’s Saddest Bear” by animal activist, was recently relocated.  Pizza, the 3-year-old polar had been at the Grandview Mall since January.

Officials at the mall state Pizza’s enclosure is being “optimized and upgraded”.  In a notice posted on the aquarium’s social media “Pizza, the ‘bear baby’ that a million customers have enjoyed, will say a temporary farewell to everyone for a while, to return to where he was born and to his daddy and mommy”.

According to the Guangzhou, Pizza’s enclosure upgrade is doubling in size.  Although animal welfare groups insisted Pizza’s living space was inappropriate for a wild animal who naturally roams a large territory, the aquarium’s previous claims was that it was suitable.  In a statement by Qin Xianona, the director of the Capital Animal Welfare Association said “Temporary is not good enough.  Now we hope that Grandview will learn from this episode and move Pizza permanently so that he never again has to endure the dreadful life in a shopping mall.”

Although, Pizza has been freed from this prison for now, it is unknown where he has been relocated.  Underwater World Aquarium,  Harbin Polarland have both denied Pizza has been rehoused at their facilities.

Mall goers who went to visit Pizza would often times bang on his enclosure glass and take flash photos of him.   Pizza can be seen in video footage pacing back and forth, shaking his head from side to side, rearing up on the side of his glass farthest from his visitors, all signs of distress according to animal activists.  Currently, China does not have any animal welfare laws in place.  ISWMP, along with rest of the animal welfare community believes their long overdue.

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