The Animal Protection Society of Dubrovnik is a non-profit, humanitarian and volunteer association founded in 2001. Since 2004, with the permission from the City of Dubrovnik, they opened a shelter which is placed on a hill named Žarkovica.

Over 15 years, they rescued more than 3000 dogs. Right now there are about 350 dogs living at the shelter and are surviving in a very harsh conditions.
There is no electricity or running water and the shelter is exposed to strong winds and thunderstorms. It is freezing cold in winter and scorching hot in the summer. These dogs have no protection from natural elements and that sometimes results with injuries and deaths.

In late February 2019 as winds of 178 km/h (110 mph) struck our open-air dog shelter. It destroyed most of the shelter structure and left the dogs completely exposed.

I Stand With My Pack and our friend Zach Skow decided to offer a helping hand and stand with Žarkovica in this difficult times and help them build a safe space for over 350 dogs.
We need a help of our loving animals community so these animals are warm and safe during this Christmas and all year long.

Please kindly consider making a donation and become a part of this Christmas miracle for over 350 dogs in a need of a shelter. Only together we can save lives of Žarkovica dogs!


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