We are living in a desperate time. The natural world is being chiseled away by hate and greed. There are those who seek to destroy, and those who seek to preserve. There are many of us who fight for a natural balance with our Earth. We believe it’s possible and completely necessary, as our very lives depend on it.

Even amongst those who fight for the cause of protecting & preserving life, a sense of unity is lost. It is with great sadness that we look around and we see so much coercion amongst organizations and individuals. This balance we seek with our earth is only possible if we can find balance amongst ourselves. Set aside your differences, lose your egos, and remember who the real enemy is. We are each other’s greatest allies!

We all believe in different things and have diverse perspectives, but the one thing a great majority of us has in common is that we speak for the voiceless, we defend the innocent, and we believe in compassion.

It’s not always easy to agree on everything, but we must respect the opinions of others and be open to both learning from and teaching each other, not tear each other down. I Stand With My Pack has one goal and that is animal liberation. If that is your goal too then we must stand together, for if we do not, we will all stand alone and remain divided. We cannot afford to be ruled by animosity towards one another if we expect to succeed.

Future generations are depending on us to heal save our planet, each other and all other life on Earth, and in order to do this, unity and compassion must bring us all together.

It is not important who gets credit, for these actions should be done naturally without any consideration for self-acknowledgment. The knowledge that you have saved or bettered a life should be reward in itself. If we can be ruled by the desire to inspire instead of being ruled by our ego, we will make a huge difference together. Let us all remember we are fighting a huge battle against an extremely powerful global system that exploits life and we can not win by fighting each other.

Our world is relying on us and our children are relying on us. We cannot fail. This is a call for unity.

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