Just two days ago, three orcas were killed and hauled into port at Barrouallie, St. Vincent in the Caribbean. The whalers, who understand the negative press associated with the killing of such animals, attempted to block cameras that shot photos of the cut-up carcasses and defended their actions by stating that killing of orcas in St. Vincent is legal. This is the second time St. Vincent whalers have made headlines. They also killed 5 orcas in 2015 and 2 in 2016. Images and news like this take a piece of every soul that it reaches, and steals a piece of the heart of any individual who reads this information. We here at Nakawe project feel the same, and need the world to know that we are here to find a way to feed these people that struggle to find a means of survival. We are also here to come together and find a way to save the apex predators such as sharks and orcas that the ocean needs to survive. We are overfishing the seas to the point where people throughout the world cannot survive. Fish is their number one protein source and without fish in the sea the balance in the ocean is gone. Help us to reach the world and share this essential message of ocean conservation. Save sharks, save orcas, save the sea, and by this means of unity we shall save the people.

Caption : @nakaweproject
Pic: istock

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