A circus lorry carrying animals overturned yesterday on a Spanish motorway, leaving one elephant dead and two other injured. An investigation into the incident has been launched. It is believed that it happened after the lorry overtook another vehicle.

This is infuriating. These animals should not be in circuses to begin with.
After being violently taken away from their families or born in captivity, tortured and forced to preform cheap tricks for ignorant humans they get killed in accidents made by human error. This is inexcusable and unforgivable.

What will take for us to realize that these animals do not belong in circuses?
Enough with these stupid practices. It’s time for people to find more intelligent, creative and humane ways of entertainment.

You can read more about the sad history of these elephants here and please sign this petition for the elephants that suffered this brutal accident to go to a sanctuary where they will never be exploited again.

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