We welcome new legislation passed in San Francisco, on Tuesday by the city’s Board of Supervisors that will ban the sale of non-rescue dogs and cats at pet shops and are hoping that other cities will follow this wonderful example.
The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the board unanimously voted to amend the health code “to prohibit pet stores from selling dogs or cats not obtained from animal rescue organizations or shelters.” The amendment also prohibits “the sale of puppies or kittens under 8 weeks old.
San Francisco will not be the first US city to implement such a measure. Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and Austin all enforce similar legislation.
District 4 Supervisor Katy Tang sponsored this legislation. She wrote: “People can still adopt from local shelters or find a specific breed from any number of breed-specific rescues serving the area. Instead, the ordinance is designed to bring attention to and halt the inhumane and deceptive practices of large-scale breeding operations that supply animals to pet stores and directly to consumers online.”
Please urge your representatives to vote for similar legislations. Together we can humanly stop overbreeding and puppy mills, as well as unnecessary euthanasia of healthy and adoptable pets across USA.
We also cannot forget our friends reptiles, birds, fish and rats. They also do not belong in the pet stores and it’s heartbreaking to see so many of them die in cages.

Source: Independent U.K.

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