Your donation will help us support the needs of rescued animals, enable us to run projects that will prevent animal cruelty and will improve lives of animals around the world. We rely entirely on donations from supporters to carry out our work. Thank you for your support.


I STAND WITH MY PACK cordially invite you to mingle with our our pack on Thursday, July 19th, to support our campaign, RISE AGAINST EXTINCTION.


Our priority is to provide direct help for animals in distress and to achieve long-term improvements at the legislative level. Find out about our projects and get involved.

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About us

I Stand With My Pack is a non-profit organization that aides in the prevention of animal suffering and cruelty through means of education, hands-on field work, fundraising, non-violent protest, legal action, and collaborative efforts with other organizations & governments.

We work to promote compassionate ethics and lifestyles, expose animal cruelty through media platforms, and also to unite individuals and groups to create long-term solutions for a more humane world for all.

I Stand With My Pack is committed to raise awareness through educational outreach & advocacy programs, to work to strengthen people’s connection to and understanding of animals and the natural world, and to work for stronger animal protection laws.

Our ultimate goals is to provide assistance and long term support for animals in need and to strengthen the human-animal bond.

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“He who saves a single life, saves the world entire”


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