Project Farmica 2021

The association “Farmica” originated from a civic initiative led by volunteers in Našice, and has been officially operating since 2018 until today.

The leading problem of the association “Farmica” is the space provided for the care of abandoned, injured and old animals. The hangar in which they are currently housed in is in a dilapidated condition; the roof collapses and leaks, and there is no electricity or insulation, which makes it very difficult to maintain the temperature inside the room.

Given that “Farmica” operates as a non-profit association, its four permanent members, with the help of volunteers, do their best to provide all its residents with the best possible conditions. However, the lack of finances, support and understanding brings many problems that this year the non-profit American organization “I Stand With My Pack” decided to lend a hand.

In addition to repairing the roof of the existing building, the funds raised will also be used to provide an excavator that will carry out drainage without hindrance. On an area of ​​35,000 m2, dogs, cats, donkey, pigs, goats, chickens, ducks and one seagull found their place, and only this year the association “Farmica” successfully adopted slightly less than 100 animals. The beautiful harmony that rules “Farmica” is led by the fact that all the animals were saved and given the opportunity for a better life. What makes this story even more beautiful is the fact that many of their protégés are disabled and animals with special needs.

This is the perfect opportunity for us humans to learn something from them as well; to live in harmony, to respect diversity and to be there for those who really need it. By joining this cause together, we can create change and enable this little paradise on earth to remain colorful and happy, as it deserves to be. Donate, show them that they are not alone, share this post and spread the word about a farm that can teach us a lot!

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